Othello (Reversi) Game.

June, 2007

Martin Carradus

Copyright © 2007 Leaf Mindcraft

Downloading, Unpacking and Using !Othello32

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The !Othello32 Software Application is an Othello (Reversi) Playing program for the Acorn RISC OS Wimp environment, and is available for free download.

Hopefully, should be 26/32-bit neutral.

After having downloaded and unzipped the !Othello32 Application, drag the application to a suitable directory on your hard disc. Double click on the !Othello32 icon to load it onto the icon bar.

Clicking 'Menu' on the bar icon brings up a menu, from which the 'SetUp' panel can be selected.

Select options from the 'SetUp' panel and then click on the 'OK' icon. Choose 'Display' from the same menu then a window with the 8x8 Othello board with black and white counters is displayed. The Object of the game is to trap the opponents pieces between two of your own. This can be done horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

When this occurs, the trapped pieces change to your colour. The players (one of which can be the computer), take turns to trap pieces. Each turn must trap pieces, or it is 'illegal' and you are warned by the computer. If a player has nowhere to move, then click on the 'Pass' icon.

The winner of the game, when no further pieces can be played, is the one with more pieces of their colour on the board.

When playing the computer, you may choose to play an Easy or Hard Game. You can also choose to be prompted by rectangular markers for valid squares of play.

You are invited to repeat the game, with the same Set Up, by pressing the Space Bar, by closing the window, or by choosing 'Reset' from the icon bar menu to return to default settings.

Additional Help is available from the bar icon menu, or by using the Acorn facility !Help, present in the 'Apps' directory.

Read the 'ReadMe1st' file present in the zipped file for more information, and the file '!ReadMe' within the application (double click over the application icon with 'Shift' held down to find it), for conditions of use.

Click on Icon to DownLoad Zipped !Othello32 32-bit compatible Version 1.00 Dated June 8th 2007.

This document was generated on 8th June 2007 for Acorn Applications written and distributed by Martin Carradus