Plays Dominoes Against the Computer.

July, 2007

Martin Carradus

Copyright © 2007 Leaf Mindcraft

Downloading, Unpacking and Using !Domino32

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!Domino32 is a Domino playing Software Application for the Acorn RISC OS Wimp environment, and is available for free download.

After having downloaded and unzipped the !Domino32 Application, drag the application to a suitable directory on your hard disc. Double click on the !Domino32 icon to load it onto the icon bar.

In case you don't already know the rules of Dominoes:-

The 28 pieces have from zero (blank) to six dots at each end. The person who starts is decided by some random means. Each player receives seven dominoes each. The dominoes are randomly selected from a 'face down' pile, so you don't know what pieces you'll get. The players take turns to place and match the ends of their dominoes with either the beginning and end spots of the line of dominoes that develop on the board. Your dominoes are shown at the bottom of the screen. Click with the mouse pointer over your choice of domino to play.

If you can't go, you 'Knock' (click lower L.H. corner), and pick up a fresh domino.

The object of each players game is to use up their 'hand' of dominoes.

The Winner of the game is the first player to use up all their dominoes.

If all the dominoes have been used up, and neither player can go, the lower pip count wins. Then by Holding down the Space Bar, a new Game can be started.

Should be 26/32 bit neutral.

Read the file 'ReadMe1st' with this application and the file '!ReadMe' within the application (double click over the application icon with 'Shift' held down to find it), for conditions of use.

Click on Icon to DownLoad Zipped !Domino32 32-bit compatible Version 1.00 Dated July 4th 2007.

This document was generated on 29th September 2007 for Acorn Applications written and distributed by Martin Carradus