Matrix Equation Solver with Determinant, Characteristic Equation & Eigenvalues.

October, 2008

Martin Carradus

Copyright © 2009 Leaf Mindcraft

Downloading, Unpacking and Using !Matrix

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!Matrix - Matrix Determinant, Eigenvalues and Equation Solver


Unzip the downloaded compressed file, and extract the !Matrix application to a suitable directory (folder) on your hard disc.

Please read the included !ReadMe file for terms of use of !Matrix.

Double-clicking on the !Matrix program icon, runs the application and loads its icon onto the icon bar.

After loading the !Matrix application onto the icon bar, left clicking on the bar icon will produce a 'SetUp' panel.

From the panel, a 2 x 2, 3 x 3, or 4 x 4 matrix can be entered via writable slots in the panel, having chosen the size of the matrix, A, required. Also an output vector, Y, can be entered.

NB Press the 'Return' (Enter) key after having entered each value to register it.

Clicking 'Calculate', then finds a vector, X, such that A.X = Y, provided the equation is soluble, and also gives the Determinant and Eigenvalues of the matrix A.

Also Gives the Characteristic Equation of the Matrix. Menus are available from the bar icon, the 'SetUp' panel, or the 'Help' window.

Click on Icon to DownLoad Zipped !Matrix Version 3.00 Dated October 14th 2008.

This document was generated on 1st July 2009 for this Acorn RISC OS Software Application written and distributed by Martin Carradus