Martin's Year 2004 in Pictures.

Holidays in the UK during 2004.

Martin Carradus

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Visit to Berkshire - May 2004

I went on a jaunt with my lady friend, Tricia, to find a 'Widmore Pond' near the 'Butchers Arms' in Oxfordshire. I had received an old photograph of it from a friend.

All the information I had was that it was near Kidmore End, just over the Thames from Reading. We cast about a bit, then emerged in Sonning Common, to find a 'Widmore Lane' across the junction. We just followed the Lane and we had found it! (see top right)

We had lunch at the Butchers Arms, then made our way to Greys Court (bottom right), now owned by the National Trust, via the Maltsters Arms at Rotherfield Greys.

A successful day.

Greys Court also has a maze in its grounds, of Celtic design, with an astronomical device at its centre.

On the Sunday, my Uncle took me to Henley-on-Thames in blazing sunshine. We were lucky to find a parking place, it was packed! Ice creams by the Thames - see upper left!

Thence to the Flower Pot at Aston, also near the Thames, one of my favourite watering holes. (see bottom left)

Tuesday, and I was in Guildford meeting an ex-colleague, Mike. We reckoned that we had not met in person for nine years. He had kindly come from Salisbury, to meet half-way.

We found a pavement cafe and talked for a bit, then made our way to the famous cobbled Guildgate, with a clock out over it. (see Mike, right, with clock behind.)

On my return, I visited an old college friend in London.

He took me to Kew Gardens. He had a pass that got me in cheaply as a guest.

They were much more extensive than I had imagined, and very well kept. (some sights from Kew, left.)

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