HTML Lower Case Translator.

March 2003

Martin Carradus

Copyright © 2003 Leaf Mindcraft and Melotech

Downloading, Unpacking and Using !LowerHTML

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This is an Acorn RISC OS software application that selectively converts/translates HTML Files to lower case, and is available for free download.

After having downloaded and unzipped the !LowerHTML Application, drag the application to a suitable directory on your hard disc. Double click on the !LowerHTML icon to load it onto the icon bar.

Double click on a HTML file or drag it to the bar icon to enter its file name into the main 'SetUp' panel slot. Alternatively clicking on the bar icon brings up the main 'SetUp' panel and the HTML file can be dragged to this panel, or the file name can be typed manually into the slot at the top of this panel.

Select options from the 'SetUp' panel and then click on the 'Run' icon. After a while a translated HTML Text file is offered for saving.

The translated file has the same leaf name as the original, but with an upper case 'L' infront.

Additional Help is available from the bar icon menu, or by using the Acorn facility !Help, present in the 'Apps' directory.

The translated file then should duplicate the effect of the original HTML file, but with selected tags made lower case.

This Application has now been updated in order to also check tag balance and report on tag match and mismatch. It should be noted that some tag terminators are only optional.

Click on icon to DownLoad Zipped !LowerHTML

This document was generated on 2nd March 2003 for Acorn Applications distributed by Melotech for Martin Carradus.