Ley Line Hunter/Finder.

May, 2007

Martin Carradus

Copyright © 2007 Leaf Mindcraft

Downloading, Unpacking and Using !LeyFinder

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The !LeyFinder Software Application is a Ley Line/Lines Finder/Hunter for the Acorn RISC OS Wimp environment, and is available for free download.

Finds straight lines of ancient sites given their grid references, the minimum wanted in a line and the chosen 'accuracy' of the line. Plots the sites and found lines on a 'map' of the chosen area. Map can be saved to a file, both before and after plotting of lines.

NB This program is designed solely for use with grid references on grid systems not extending over more than 600 miles (1,000 kilometres). It is not designed for use with latitude and longitude and does not employ any spherical trigonometry in its calculations.

Having Unzipped the compressed file, drag the !LeyFinder Application to a suitable directory, either on your hard disc, or a floppy disc.

Double click with the mouse over !LeyFinder Application icon, and an icon will appear on the icon bar. Complains if you try to load !LeyFinder twice.

For Help, choose 'Help' from the bar icon menu. (Click the middle 'Menu' mouse button over the bar icon.)

To create a new file, or append to an existing file, choose 'Create File' from the bar icon menu. A panel appears, to which you may drag External files to enter the file name into the upper slot, or type a chosen single name into the slot for Internal files. Then click on 'Start', enter a series of grid references, clicking on 'Next' each time, then close the file by clicking on 'Close'.

To input a pre-created file, choose 'Read File' from the bar icon menu. You may drag External files to this panel to register the file name, or type in the name of an existing Internal file. Click on 'Read' on this panel. A message appears if the file has been successfully read.

Now choose 'SetUp' from the bar icon menu, and supply the run-time parameters described below. Finally choose 'Run' from the bar icon menu, and a 'map' appears in a window with the sites plotted as points on it. The 'map' is processed and any ley lines found eventually plotted on it.

Finally choose 'Reset' from the bar icon menu to start again.

Additional Help is available from the bar icon menu, as mentioned above, or by using the Acorn facility !Help, present in the 'Apps' directory.

Read the 'ReadMe1st' file present in the zipped file for more information, and the '!ReadMe' file within the !LeyFinder application (double click over the application icon with 'Shift' held down to find it), for conditions of use.

Click on Icon to DownLoad Zipped !LeyFinder Version 2.00 Dated May 16th 2007. Now 32-bit compatible.

This document was generated on 16th May 2007 for Acorn Applications written and distributed by Martin Carradus