Bison Grammar Report Diagnoser/Diagnosis Reporter.

October, 2006

Martin Carradus

Copyright © 2006 Leaf Mindcraft

Downloading, Unpacking and Using !GramDiag

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This is an free Acorn RISC OS software application that diagnoses Bison grammar reports, and is available for free download.

After having downloaded and unzipped the !GramDiag Application, drag the application to a suitable directory on your hard disc. Double click on the !GramDiag icon to load it onto the icon bar.

Double click on a Bison grammar report file (in the directory 'out', when you use Bison with the 'Verbose' option) or drag it to the bar icon to enter its file name into the main 'SetUp' panel slot. Alternatively clicking on the bar icon brings up the main 'SetUp' panel and the Report file can be dragged to this panel, or the file name can be typed manually into the slot at the top of this panel.

Select options from the 'SetUp' panel and then click on the 'Run' icon. After a while a Diagnosis file is offered for saving.

The Diagnosis file has the same leaf name as the original, but with an upper case 'GD' infront.

Additional Help is available from the bar icon menu, or by using the Acorn facility !Help, present in the 'Apps' directory.

Please read the text file !ReadMe present within this application for conditions of use. This can be obtained by holding down 'Shift' and double clicking over the application icon.

This is an application developed from GNU (Free Software Foundation) source code. This being so, the author provides this application entirely for free, and also supplies the original C code and my converted C source code. In turn, the author relinquishes any copyright over the !GramDiag software. i.e.

"Leaf Mindcraft, hereby disclaims all copyright interest in the program `GramDiag' (which diagnoses Bison grammar reports) written by Martin Carradus.
M. Carradus, 5th October 2006".

Please read the file 'COPYING', also within this application for the terms and conditions GNU imposes on anyone using this software, or the source code.

NB 1.Should be 32-bit compatible.

2. You may need to Set the system variable C$Path to point to your Shared C Library e.g. In an Obey File or on the command line (Press F12) type 'Set C$Path ADFS::HardDisc4.$.CLib.o.', note final dot. Especially if you get a message about an 'SWI being out of range'.

3. A perfect grammar produces a blank output report, but equally so, a complicated grammar with many errors produces massive reports. It is suspected that if there are 'n' errors, then the size of the report goes up as n! (n factorial), which is worse than an exponential law of increase.

4. An example bad Bison grammar, (BadGrammar in directory 'y') and report (BadGrammar in directory 'out') is provided, for test purposes.

5. !GramDiag initially searches through the supplied report for a single line with the word 'Grammar' in it. A message of the form 'Is this a Bison -v file?', means that this has not been found.

Click on icon to DownLoad Zipped !GramDiag Version 1.00, Dated 5th October 2006.

This document was generated on 7th October 2004 for Acorn Applications written and distributed by Martin Carradus.