Translates BBC BASIC to Acorn ANSI C.

HTML Manual Edition 2.1 for !BBC_C Version 8.36

May, 2002

Martin Carradus

Copyright © 2002 Leaf Mindcraft and Melotech

1.Using the !BBC_C Program.

1. Drag the Application to the Directory you require to use it in.

2. Ensure you have the latest versions of the Modules required by using !SysMerge with the version of !System supplied. !BBC_C issues a warning message if your modules are out of date. For RISC PCs, hold down 'Control' and double click on !Boot. Clicking on 'System' on the panel presented offers you the option of merging the !System supplied on this disc with your !System.

3. Double click with the mouse on the !BBC_C icon to install it on the icon bar. Click on bar icon to bring up the application panel. Click the 'menu' button on your mouse on the bar icon for other functions including Info and Help. The Acorn facility !Help gives descriptions of the options available from the main application panel.

4. For !BBC_C run the BBC BASIC Program through !BBC_C by typing in the file name, dragging the file icon into the application window, double clicking on the file icon or dragging the file icon onto the bar icon. Choose the options required from the panel presented and click on the 'Run' button. The effect of these options is more fully described below.

5. The C text file is eventually offered for saving prefixed by a capital 'C'. After checking it principally for variably dimensioned arrays and undeclared variables (commented out) , place it in a directory called 'c' in another directory along with 'h' which contains the files 'leaf' and 'data', and a directory 'o', all of which are needed by the compiler.

6. Present the C file to the compiler. There may be many messages concerned with incorrect casts as BBC BASIC is not too particular about data types, whereas the C compiler is. The author has attempted to minimise such messages.

7. Beta version of 'LeafLib' included in the directory '$.o'. Include its file name under 'Libraries' off the menu associated with the compiler panel separated by a comma from the other standard libraries. It is needed during the 'Link' phase of the compilation in order to supply certain routines not given in the Acorn BBC specific library.

8. Though every attempt has been made to encompass all forms of construct available in BBC BASIC, !BBC_C still sometimes doesn't recover from syntax errors and can produce a blank output file. (See Warning Above.)

This document was generated on 20th May 2002 for !BBC_C distributed by Melotech for Martin Carradus.