Simplification of Karnaugh Map Logic by Quine-McCluskey Method.

March, 2012

Martin Carradus

Copyright © 2012 Leaf Mindcraft

Downloading, Unpacking and Using QuineMcC2.exe

QuineMcC2.exe Uses Quine-McCluskey Method to Obtain Optimum Canonical Boolean Logical Expression.


Unzip the downloaded compressed file, and extract the QuineMcC2.exe file to a suitable directory (folder) on your hard disc.

Please read the included ReadMe.txt file for terms of use of QuineMcC2.exe.

Double-clicking on the QuineMcC2.exe program icon, runs the application and a Window appears.

Left-clicking on the 'Show K Map' menu item will produce a 'Karnaugh Map' 4x4 Matrix Window.

In turn, left-clicking over the cells of Matrix toggles their values from '0' (False), to '1' (True), to 'D/C' (Don't Care), and back again.

Clicking 'Run QuineMcC2', then causes the Quine-McCluskey method/algorithm to be applied to the logical expression represented by the Karnaugh Map.

NB 1. Quine-McCluskey cannot be applied until the Karnaugh Map has been altered in some way.

A 'Description' and a 'Help' Window are also available from the title bar menu.

NB 2. In the supplied zipped file, there is a text file 'Usage.txt' that further explains how to use QuineMcC2.exe.

NB 3. Also, the supplied zipped file does not contain a separate Windows ME .exe, but the XP/Vista version should work just as well.

NB 4. For more information about Venn Diagrams, Boolean Algebra and Karnaugh Maps, consult the items 'Logic for Programmers', present on the Sister web site.

Click on Icon to DownLoad Zipped QuineMcC2.exe Version 2.00 Dated March 24th 2012.

NB. Change IBM File Type of downloaded compressed file from '.zipped' to '.zip', to decompress.

This document was generated on 24th March 2012 for this IBM Windows Software Application written and distributed by Martin Carradus